Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Introduction...

Hello, World Wide Web. Here we are...

But who are we, anyway?

We are Nightwalker Productions. We are, depending on context and definition, a record label, a management service, a musical network, a performance art collective, a social club, a secret society, a theatre group, a mail order service, or just a bunch of deranged juveniles with too much time on their hands.

We are, quite simply, all of those things, and perhaps one or two more.

To elaborate: Nightwalker Productions was founded several years ago by members of the Cheltenham, PA, experimental rock band Autosuggestion as a label name under which they - or, rather, we - would release various band and band-related home recordings. Soon enough, the name applied not only to actual releases, but to various other band-related objects and actions ranging from performances (however rare) to merchandise to "marketing"; any production is and was so labelled.

So we are, so we were.

As a label, so far, our release list is rather short (a handful of CDrs), our artist dossier very small (one band with two side-projects), and our distribution minimal to non-existent. As a management group, our success is only marginally less limited, our greatest accomplishment so far being a single opening spot at World Café Live nearly a year ago to an audience mostly comprised of members of the other bands. But still, we persevere, playing whatever venue we can whenever we can, rehearsing thoroughly and recording in abundance, concocting bizarre spectacles and surreal promotional tactics, praying to any and all strange gods that someone will give a damn.

Thus, this blog is both a promotional vehicle and an exorcism, an outlet for news and neurosis through which members of the band/collective/gang/coven may comment on future and past productions, on other musical media that intrigues and inspires them, and on any external interests, events, and gripes that they might have collectively or individually.

So ends the first transmission. Welcome to Nightwalking.

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